Upcycling –  Make a Googly Fruit Finger Puppet

What better way to keep yourself busy than to do some cheeky Googly Fruit upcycling by making this cute Snail finger puppet?


Here’s what you’ll need:


    • 1 colourful pipe cleaner
    • 1 cap from a Googly Fruit Squeezy Pouch of your choice
    • A pair of Googly Eyes (available on Amazon)
    • Some liquid glue


    Three easy steps

    Three easy steps

    1. Fold the pipe cleaner in half then wrap it around your index finger so that the two ends are sticking up.
    2. Twist the ends around each other to secure in place.
    3. Stick a Googly eye onto each of the ends. Glue the Squeezy Pouch cap to the snail’s back for the shell.

    Have fun with your Googly Fruit snail finger puppet!

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