Hi there! I’m Sofia Sweet Potato

Hi! I’m Sofia Sweet Potato!

Of all the Googly Fruit friends, I am by far the sportiest. I’m the fasest in every race thanks to my high potassium content and alo have the most accurate aim in fruit throwing thanks to my crazy amount of Vitamin A! I’m also told to be the sweetest of all the vegetables!

You can cook me exactly like my brother Paddy Potato – just don’t ask me to Irish dance like him! I’m great boiled, mashed or baked. You can also find me in one of our Googly Fruit Squeezy Pouches with my friends Clemmy Clemintine and Alfie Apple. We work together so well and are incredibly yummy!

When you go to the supermarket you’ll find me with all other vegetables that come from underneath the ground like Oswald Onion and Billy Beetroot. I am great to find at the Farmers Market too and can last a long time at home so you never need to rush to eat me!

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