Make a Fruity Snack Necklace

It’s Rory Raspberry’s birthday soon and Suzie Strawberry wanted to make a special present for him.  She knows how much Rory loves snacks and crunchy things so she’s made this cheeky fruity snack necklace as a surprise. It’s so easy to do. Why don’t you try making one for your friends? You will need to ask a grown up to help. Here’s how:


For the necklace you’ll need:

1 needle

Thread (any colour)


1 bag of Googly Fruit Corn, Strawberry and Banana Crunchy Puffs



To make the necklace:

Before cutting the thread make sure you get a grown up to measure it carefully around your neck to work out how long it needs to be. Then simply thread your needle and then use it to thread through the Crunchy Puff hearts.  We have used 5 hearts but you can use more if you like. Once you’ve finished threading, remove the needle and tie the two ends of the thread together.

And now the fruity chain is ready to wear! We hope your friends enjoy wearing them or even eating them!  Have lots of Googly Fruit fun!



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