Hi there! I’m Tommy Tomato

Hi there! My name’s Tommy Tomato

I bet you’re thinking I’m a vegetable, right? Well, not many people realise this but I’m actually a fruit! That’s because I contain seeds just like my other fruity friends such as Alfie Apple, Olivia Orange and Penny Pear.

Even so, you wouldn’t put me in a fruit salad, would you? I taste so much better when I’m with my salad friends.

We tomatoes come in lots of varieties and sizes and we’re usually red, although you can also find yellow tomatoes which are delicious too. Cherry tomatoes are the smallest but they’re also the sweetest.

Tomatoes originally came from Peru in South America but today they’re grown all over the world. It’s really easy to grow them at home too. Even if you don’t have a big garden you can sow some tiny tomato seeds in pots until they germinate (form tiny shoots) and then transfer them to grow bags where they’ll produce lots of yummy tomatoes during the summer months.

Want to know a funny tomato fact?

Every year in a place called Buñol in Spain, all the villagers get together and throw tomatoes at each other for fun! The village gets covered in red tomato mush!!!

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