Hi there! I’m Suzie Strawberry

My name’s Suzie Strawberry. As you know, I’m super soft and sweet to eat.  But I’m soft and sweet by nature too.  I’m even heart shaped and red like a heart and if you’re not gentle with me, I’ll bruise easily so I’m best handled with care!


Unlike Alfie Apple who grows on a tree, I grow on a small plant which has a crown of dark green leaves. The crown is very clever because it sends out long stems called ‘Runners’ which send down roots into the ground to produce new plants to make more strawberries – yum!

The crown grows beautiful white or pink flowers which get fertilised by bees and insects in late spring and then by early summer we strawberries appear.  We need to be hand-picked very carefully because we ripen at different times.  Don’t leave it too long though because if you don’t pick us in time the slugs and wasps will eat us as they know how sweet and tasty we are!

If you haven’t had time to eat me you can always use me and my family to make jam or ice cream – then you can eat me all year round!! Delicious!!!

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