Hi there! I’m Patty Purple Carrot!

Hi there! I’m Patty Purple Carrot!


If there’s one thing Patty Purple Carrot loves, it’s standing out! He feels SO special amongst all the ‘regular’ carrots, with his purple skin and yellow insides. I guess you could say he’s a bit of a show-off but it’s all in good fun! People don’t realise that Paddy is actually one of the oldest vegetables in the world – he was even around before the ‘orange’ carrots like Carl. It’s a funny thing to imagine right? Imagine if all the snowmen had purple noses!


No one is quite sure why the purple carrot fell out of favour compared to its orange relative, but theories suggest that people grew tiresome of the dark purple they bled when cooked with other foods. They turn EVERYTHING else in the pot purple! I guess that can be annoying, but we loved the idea of having Patty Purple Carrot help us with a special vegetable-dye blog post coming up!


You can treat purple carrots as you would any other carrot for cooking, dipping or souping. They are said to be even sweeter and more delicious than orange carrots as well – with double the Vitamin-A! One of our Squeezy Pouches has this wonderful vegetable inside, you can check it out here.

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