Hi there! I’m Charlie Corn

Hi! I’m Charlie Corn. I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself.


We corn cobs can be used for so many things. You’ve probably tried me in cereal, as corn on the cob, as popcorn, as sweetcorn and hopefully you’ve tried out our Googly Fruit Crunchy Puffs – all of which contain yours truly, Charlie Corn. I can even be used to make yummy corn bread!

Corn is usually called maize in other parts of the world.  The word maize comes from the Spanish ‘maiz’.

A corn on the cob is called an ‘ear’ of corn which is kind of funny!  So, I’m really an ear and on my ear are about 800 ‘kernels’ (not the soldier kind) standing in 16 rows (just like soldiers!).  Guess what.  Every ear of corn will always have an even number of rows.  Isn’t that amazing?!

Corn is produced all over the world and there are 3500 different uses of corn products.

Corn needs humans to cultivate it, otherwise it would become extinct.  It cannot grow in the wild.  But, humans could not have survived in many parts of the world without corn – especially in the USA where generations have depended on it. In fact, when the early settlers went to the USA, corn was so valuable it was used as money! Now, it’s as cheap as chips,  or rather, corn!  Sorry for the corny joke!



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