Hi there! I’m Bob Banana

Hi there! I’m Bob Banana


I’m the one who loves to fool around and make my Googly Fruit friends laugh. I have a funny bendy body and am always full of energy. That’s why I love taking part in sports. In fact, last year I won a gold medal for bouncing in the fruit-athletics Olympic games!

People like me because I’m funny but I’m also the most popular fruit in the world to eat! Plant experts also think that I was the first fruit on earth. How cool is that?

Most people think I grow on a tree but it’s really a high herb that grows up to 15 metres talls. I grow in more than 150 tropical countries and especially in Central and South American countries like Ecuador and Costa Rica.

Want to know some funny banana facts?

  1. Each person in the UK eats about 100 bananas a year!
  2. The word banana comes from an Arabic word “banan” meaning ‘finger’ and a row of bananas is sometimes called a ‘hand’
  3. Scientists think bananas make you happier as they contain a protein (tryptophan) which helps your body relax and improves your mood
  4. The inside of a banana skin can be used to calm an itchy mosquito bite
  5. The inside of a banana skin can also be used to polish shoes!!
  6. Bananas are one of the most nutritious, high energy, on-the-go snacks

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