Hi there! I’m Bella Blueberry

Hi there!  I’m Bella Blueberry.


You’ll find me in our Googly Fruit 100% Real Fruit Made Crunchy and two of our delicious Squeezy Pouches.


As you can see, I’m small and blueish/purple in colour and I have a thin skin and tiny seeds inside.  When you eat me the skin pops open so that you can taste how sweet and juicy I am!


I’m one of the smallest fruits but that doesn’t mean I’m not tasty or good for you.  In fact, some people call me a superfood!  That’s because, like my raspberry and blackberry friends, I’m full of Vitamin C and antioxidants which help fight illness.


There are many different varieties of blueberry and they’re grown in different parts of the world.  We grow on shrubby bushes which produce tiny white flowers before the blueberries appear. Some are grown in the UK but most of the blueberries we eat are imported from overseas. UK grown blueberries are in season from June to September.


Blueberries are great eaten raw, on their own or on top of cereal, porridge, yoghurt or your favourite dessert.  They can also be cooked to make blueberry pie or blueberry jam. Yum!


Did you know blueberries are also good for the brain and are great for memory retention? So all in all, we’re very smart berries!!


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