Hi there!  I’m Alfie Apple

Hi there! My name’s Alfie Apple.

Last week you met my daydreaming friend Carl Carrot.

Well, my Googly Fruit friends would probably tell you that I’m the exact opposite! I’m always rushing around trying to discover what’s new in the world. I love learning and asking lots of questions and would love to be a scientist when I grow up!

Like Carl, I start out as a seed. If you plant the seed in good soil and make sure it has sun, water and air, it will grow into an apple tree. But this takes a few years and my tree doesn’t produce apples until it’s about 5 to 8 years old.

When my tree is ready to make apples you know it because in spring time it produces beautiful white blossom. Bees and other insects love the sweet scent of the flowers so they come to pollinate them. Eventually the flowers fall off and tiny baby apples appear in their place. BUT only flowers which have been pollinated by bees and insects will produce apples, which is why bees and insects are soooo important!! Over the summer we apples grow bigger and bigger until, in late summer, we’re ready to be picked and eaten – delicious!!

Believe it or not, there are about 7500 different types of apple in the world and we come in a variety of colours – green, red, yellow or a mix of all three and we all have very different flavours.

Some apples are very sour and need to be cooked and are great for apple pies and crumble – Yummy!! Others, like me, are best eaten raw – skin and all! Some others get pressed for their juice or even freeze dried which is also very tasty. So we’re a very versatile bunch. How many types or apple do you know?

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