Fruity Kids Craft with Bubble Wrap!

Penny Pear heard about Alfie’s apple stamping last month and told us she wanted to paint too! Well, what can we say? We knew the PERFECT art activity for her – one that especially shows off her tiny freckles!


We’re going to create cheeky cool bubble wrap pattern pears for Penny using green paint. They can then be stuck anywhere in your room, or like we did, on a window so some sunlight can shine through.   




  • Bubble wrap
  • Scissors
  • Paper with a pear shape (you can download this from the internet or draw it freehand)
  • Green paint (mixing different greens is also cool)






STEP 1: Cut out your pears. We found a really cool design online and then made them different sizes. When Penny grows she starts off still really small on the tree and we wanted it to look like this!




STEP 2: Lay out your bubble wrap (with the bumpy side ‘up’) and squeeze on some of the green paint. (If you didn’t already, now could be a great time to lay out some newspaper so your workspace doesn’t get messy.)




STEP 3: Now fold the bubble wrap over in half, and squeeze the paint evenly inside. Can you see how it’s starting to look like Penny’s fruity freckles now!?


GooglyFruitOrganicPennyPear4 GooglyFruitOrganicPennyPear5


STEP 4: Fold it out again. The paint should be evenly distributed over the bubble wrap now. Take your first paper pear and press it onto the paint. Be careful not to press too hard, otherwise there will be no bubble effect.


GooglyFruitOrganicPennyPear6 GooglyFruitOrganicPennyPear7


STEP 5: Peel off the pear and repeat the process until they are all completed!


GooglyFruitOrganicPennyPear8 GooglyFruitOrganicPennyPear9 GooglyFruitOrganicPennyPear10 GooglyFruitOrganicPennyPear11



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