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Googly Goes Live: Food Matters Live, London Nov 2017


Why hello there! You won’t believe the fantastic fruity news we have for our community! Natacha Neumann, our Co-Founder, was invited to speak last week at the Food Matters Live conference in London. Now if you don’t know, Food Matters is THE golden apple of the food industry and a huuuuge deal. Natacha spoke on behalf of the Googly Fruit family about our mission and our cause during the panel on the Childhood Obesity Plan.

While we at Googly Fruit are known for showing kids a light and fun exterior, there is of course a more serious side behind the humour (and staff dressed as oversized fruit!). We are passionate about our children’s future and how our efforts can make an impact on their development and relationship with food.

The facts about obesity mentioned at the conference confirmed what we have known from the very beginning – kids MUST adopt healthy eating habits as early as possible. We know that the earlier a child is encouraged to eat fruit and vegetables, the more likely they are to carry on eating a healthy diet in later life.

How can we encourage children to want more fruit and vegetables without making a fuss? At Googly Fruit we take the ‘boring’ out of banana, and turn mealtimes into a game with kids. Our Googly Fruit characters such as Alfie Apple and Carl Carrot are fun, cheeky, hilarious and help kids become best friends with fruit and vegetables.

During her speech Natacha welcomed the government’s move to reduce sugar levels in sugary drinks, but pointed out that this was merely a step in the right direction. Much more is needed to combat the damaging effects of an unhealthy diet on our children and the crisis our country is facing.  “One out of three children in the UK are now obese or overweight. We don’t even need to look at the statistics – just look in the classroom.”  Natacha believes a number of measures should be taken, starting with health education having far more influence in schools and forming part of the curriculum.

We are proud as (fruity) punch for the feedback many of you have given us after last week. We know that with the support of our community we can go some way towards tackling this challenge together. If you have any questions regarding our mission feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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