Easy Kids Origami Craft


These little paper boxes are perfect for a cheeky snack! They can be created in any size you want (especially if you want to have a LOT of Googly Fruit Chips in there!!) Easy Kids Origami Craft is a super fun activity, but will need adult help in some of the tricky areas.


Coloured paper will make these snack boxes all the more fun!




Any coloured paper, in a perfect square size. The bigger the better as smaller folds get more fiddly.



STEP 1: Start with the square lying flat.




STEP 2: Fold all the corners in so they meet perfectly in the middle of the square.


STEP 3: Now fold two of the sides inwards so they meet in the middle too. Really ensure that you’re creasing the folds down hard so they leave a line. These will be your guides later on.


STEP 4: Now unfold everything so you can see all these creases. However, fold back in the points on each side that you just folded twice.


STEP 5: Now fold these inwards again.


STEP 6: Fold their most outer side so it goes in an upwards direction. Can you see the first sides of your snack box beginning to form!?


STEP 7: Now, this is where it gets tricky. With the two ends that are left unfolded, you need to tuck in the sides so they fold into the box and become the wall. The flap should then also fold over and meet with the other points in the middle of the box.


STEP 8: Repeat on the other side too and voila!



Join us again for some fruity fun while snacking!


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