Easy Kids Craft Using Sticks and Bella Blueberry

Bella Blueberry has been telling us for weeks she wants us to make her a blueberry home! We’ve seen all the different plastic punnets for blueberries at the supermarket, but we decided to make Bella a lovely basket that can be taken blueberry picking or in the garden! This activity is also fantastic for little fingers to paint as they’re the perfect size and same shape as blueberries!



  • Blue paint or watercolour (as many shades as you like)
  • Paper
  • Craft sticks
  • Glue



STEP 1: Sporadically start creating a blueberry pattern in the shape of your desired punnet or basket. We used two different types of blue as well as a few dashes of purple and glitter! Watercolour paint is less mess and overlaps easier so we went with that.



STEP 2: Test that the sticks measure the blueberries perfectly and lay them out.


STEP 3: If there are any gaps, take the sticks off and fill in the spaces. When the whole basket is filled with blueberries, its time to add glue and stick the punnet outline down!


STEP 4: We used a clear-drying craft glue to stick ours down. After that, we placed a big, heavy book on top to keep the sticks down as they dried.


STEP 5: Tada! You’re now ready to roll!




Easy Kids Craft Using Sticks and Bella Blueberry

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