Easy Kids Craft Using Felt

Tommy Tomato helps us so in many cheeky recipes when we’re cooking in the kitchen, but when it comes to crafts he’s always the left one out! 

Today we wanted to change that, so the Googly friends all thought of this super easy kids craft using felt that would be perfect to include Tommy. 

What makes this activity even more exciting is that this it’s something we can do with other Googly Fruit friends over time too. These felt fruit and vegetables are the perfect props for playing kitchen and supermarket!




  • At least two different colours of felt (one red like a tomato) 
  • Scissors
  • 2 cups (one slightly smaller than the other) to trace circle outlines  
  • 1 pen




STEP 1: Pick the colour of felt you want to be the ‘inside’ or ‘seeds’ of your tomato and trace the smaller cup onto it to form a circle. This could be a lighter or a darker colour compared to the tomato red used in the outer piece. 


STEP 2: Now it’s time to to draw the chambers on the inside of the tomato. If you cut a tomato open, you can usually see that there are usually three but it differs with every tomato. They are where all the seeds and jelly are kept! 

STEP 3: Once drawn, cut into the chambers carefully and cut the inside shape out as a single piece. 


STEP 4: Layer the smaller piece underneath the bigger red one and now you have a tomato! They can be glued together, or sewn on. I’ve even seen some with little beads sewn on as the seeds.














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