Easy Kids Craft Corn Stamping

Who would have thought you could create a roller stamp with a corn cob and a few sticks? Well now you know! We even decided to dry out the uncooked corn cob for a few days to create a different shaped stamp, it reminded us a little of bike tracks! It may look a little strange but it will last a lot longer now too! It’s so easy for kids to join in on this activity too. Just remember a large paper to cover the area.


  • Any coloured paint
  • Paper
  • Craft sticks (better for little hands) or skewer sticks



STEP 1: Gather your equipment and poke through the sticks into the ends of the corn until it’s firmly in place. We noticed you can nearly push them to the end of the cob which is great for a sturdy grip!


STEP 2: Distribute a generous amount of paint evenly onto the corn cob.


STEP 3: Grab the stick handles with both hands and roll! We also used the end to create splotches too!


Easy Kids Craft Corn Stamping

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