Natacha Nectarine

Natacha aka Natacha Nectarine

French-born Natacha has always been a real food-lover. Her childhood dream was to be a detective. The youngest of four children, she travelled extensively with her family at an early age. After finishing high school in England she studied Management in London where she met Alex who is now her husband. After her studies Natacha worked in marketing for GlaxoSmithKline in Dublin and Mexico City. Yet she’s still a little detective at heart. Today, she loves tracking down new product innovations.
Natacha focuses on Googly Fruit’s design, product development and finance.

Natacha’s hobbies: Cooking, swimming and reading
Natacha’s Googly Fruit: Natacha Nectarine
Natacha’s favourite fruit: Raspberries
Natacha’s favourite vegetable: Aubergine

Alex Artichoke

Alex aka Alex Artichoke

As a child, Alex wanted to be a professional footballer. Then over the years the world of business sparked his interest and he opted to study management in England. Whilst at university he met Natacha, who is now his wife. Alex worked in marketing management for Nestlé in Switzerland and for five years in Mexico City before launching Googly Fruit. And Natacha was always with him! Alex’s love of travel means he and Natacha have almost explored the whole world – despite his mild fear of flying!
Alex heads up Googly Fruit’s new product development & coordination and sales.

Alex’s hobbies: Football, jogging and golf
Alex’s Googly Fruit: Alex Artichoke
Alex’s favourite fruit: Mangos
Alex’s favourite vegetable: Spinach

Patrick Pomegranate

Patrick aka Patrick Pomegranate

Patrick has had a head for business from as early as he can remember. He never made it as a cricketer so on leaving school, he went to Spain to learn Spanish for a year and then studied Business Economics at University where he met Kate who shared his passion for food and for all things Spanish. Patrick eventually followed his passion for food, importing products to the UK from Europe and consulting for businesses interested in selling into the UK market.

Patrick’s hobbies: Cycling, skiing, cooking
Patrick’s Googly Fruit: Patrick Pomegranate
Patrick’s favourite fruit: Mango
Patrick’s favourite vegetable: Cabbage

Katie Kale

Kate aka Katie Kale

From an early age Kate wanted to dance, act or sing. However, she left school to study modern languages (Spanish & French) at University which is where she met Patrick. During her gap years in France and Spain, Kate developed a passion for food which continues today. On graduating she worked in Corporate Communications for the Pearson Group before running in-house PR for Taylor Woodrow. After taking time out to have children, Kate set up a successful food PR business. Kate still loves to dance but her family would rather she didn’t sing!

Kate’s hobbies: Dancing, yoga, growing vegetables
Kate’s Googly Fruit: Katie Kale
Kate’s favourite fruit: Plums
Kate’s favourite vegetable: Asparagus

Caspar Cassis

Caspar aka Caspar Cassis

Caspar was born in sleepy Karlsruhe but grew up in two major capitals: Istanbul and Berlin. Later, he became a lawyer but turned into a strategy consultant soon. That was more exciting, full of variety and taught him a lot. As all that's still important to him, he was fed up with traveling and loves having fun, he joined Googly Fruit. Googly Fruit won't even let go of him when he gets home: his little son is the city's main consumer of our squeezy pouches.
Caspar takes care of the numbers and looks after our operations.

Caspar’s hobbies: Sports, sports, sports
Caspar's Googly Fruit: Caspar Cassis
Caspar's favourite fruit: Rasberries
Caspar's favourite vegetable: Peas

Sina Sweetheart Cabbage

Sina aka Sweetheart Cabbage

Sina loves fruit and veg and snacks, so she’s very lucky lucky to be able to deal with Googly Fruit products every single day! Her love for fruit & veg was already apparent in her childhood, when her favourite place was up the apple tree in her family’s garden in London. She then lived in several different countries, including the home of the potato and sweetcorn in South America, before settling in Berlin. Now, her job is to look for new business opportunities for our lovely little Googly Fruit.

Sina’s hobbies: Snacking, decorating cakes, going on adventures
Sina’s Googly Fruit: Sina Sweetheart Cabbage
Sina’s favourite fruit: Rasberry
Sina’s favourite vegetable: Savoy cabbage

Lei Longan

Lei aka Lei Longan

Longan is a fruit from China. It is a symbol for happiness and wealth.  Lei is originally from China, too! Here at Googly Fruit, Lei uses his experience in exporting drinks and foodstuff from Europe to Asia to help us grow our business in Asia.

Lei’s hobbies: Reading, mathematics
Lei’s Googly Fruit: Lei Longan
Leis’s favourite fruit: Watermelon
Lei’s favourite vegetable: Aubergine (in China), asparagus (in Germany)