Smiley (and yummy) Porridge with Alfie Apple!



Is it just Alfie Apple getting cold in the mornings? He’s told us that he misses warm porridge and giggles at breakfast! 

Googly Fruit Squeezy Pouche is THE best way to have fun with your breakfast each morning. Not only does a smiley face make porridge more exciting, but the flavours are just what a nice creamy oatmeal bowl is longing for!

Not sure what kind of oats to use? ‘Whole oats’, are the bigger ones, providing more texture. The smaller ground oats the less challenging for smaller mouths and also develop a creamier texture.

When you’ve picked your oats, put your serving in a bowl with a pinch of salt. Now, boil the kettle and once ready pour in the boiling water. Let it sit for 5 minutes and stir. It’s best to wait even another 5 minutes until the porridge is definitely cooled down – then it’s time for decorating!

Make fun faces, letters and numbers on the oats for the whole family. Only your imagination can stop you!

Googly Fruit Squeezy Pouches



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