Hi there! I’m Penny Pear

Hi there! My name’s Penny Pear


You’ve already met my friend Alfie Apple, right?  We’ll he and I are closely related because we’re both Pome fruit.

I’m very fond of Alfie but he’s a bit more serious than me and super brainy. I just love chatting and being with my friends, especially in Autumn when I’m fully grown.  In fact, my favourite time of year is Halloween.  I just love seeing all the children dressing up as ghosts and goblins and playing apple bobbing with Alfie and his friends!!

I grow in a very similar way to Alfie Apple – from a tiny seed, a sprout appears and grows taller and bigger until, after about 4 years, it starts to produce delicious pears.

Even though I’m related to Alfie Apple, it’s very easy to tell us apart.  That’s because I’m Pear Shaped, like a teardrop, with a slim top half and a much wider bottom half.  My skin is rougher than Alfie’s too, but don’t let that put you off because when you eat me you’ll find I’m suuuper soft and juicy inside.

I never ripen on the tree though. Instead, when I’m fully grown, I get picked by hand and have to ripen inside for a few days.  In fact, if you want me to ripen quickly, you can put me next to Bob Banana. Why? Because Bob has a special type of gas which I’m really sensitive to and which makes me ripen really quickly!!

Like Alfie, I’m usually eaten raw but I can also be cooked in crumbles or tarts, pressed into juice or even used in savoury dishes because I taste so good with cheese.  Why not try give it a try??



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