Hi there!  I’m Carl Carrot

Hi, my name is Carl Carrot!

Last week I introduced you to my Googly Fruit family, but it seems I have forgotten to introduce myself! Silly me! Today, I want to tell you a little bit about who I am and where I come from.

I’m a root vegetable which means I grow underground, where it’s dark and cool. I start out as a tiny seed but once I´m germinated it’s really easy to find me because I have crazy green hair which sticks out above the ground and gets longer and longer as my orange root grows bigger and deeper into the soil.

It takes me about 3 to 4 months to become a grown up and when I’m tall enough and have finished growing, I wriggle up to the surface a bit to see the light of day! That’s when I’m ready to be picked and eaten.

My carrot relatives and I have been around for thousands of years.  Carrot seeds have been found in Europe dating back to 3000 BC! However, in those days, carrots were grown for their seeds and their beautiful green leaves. The root was probably thrown away.  What a waste!  You know how tasty us carrots can be – steamed, roasted or even raw.  In fact, many kids prefer to eat carrots raw and that’s a great way of getting vitamins K and B6 which they all need for a healthy life.

As you can see I’m orange but my brothers and sisters come in different colours – purple, black, red, white and yellow.  When we’re together we look very beautiful.

I’m a very relaxed fellow. Because I have spent so much time underground sleeping, I’m always in a daydream and often forget how fast time passes.  I take my time wherever I go and am never in a hurry.  But that’s a good thing because that way I get to discover all the beauty around me.

You can find me in our delicious Googly Fruit snacks, available now at Ocado.  I am the star of the Googly Fruit Crunchy Puffs  “Corn and Carrot“, where I get to hang out with Charlie Corn.


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