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Life at Googly Fruit is all about having fun

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Life at Googly Fruit is all about having fun and encouraging the little ones to become the biggest fruit and veg fans! How? With a whole world full of fruity jokes, fun and games. Come and play!

Delicious organic snacks

Pure Organic

Our Googly Fruit snacks are made from 100% organic fruit and veg. We don't like nonsense so you won't find any additives in our products. Learn more about our mission here.

Googly Fruit Snacks are convenient


Our children’s snacks are ideal for taking out and about and are a great alternative to sweets and fried snacks. Keep in touch about our new products.



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Easy Kids Craft Using Sticks and Bella Blueberry

Bella Blueberry has been telling us for weeks how much she wanted to show us where she lives. We know exactly what blueberry punnets and baskets look like at the shops, so it’s only fair we made one for Bella. This activity is also fantastic for little fingers to paint as they’re the perfect shape and size

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Hi there! I’m Sofia Sweet Potato

Hi! I’m Sofia Sweet Potato! Of all the Googly Fruit friends, I am by far the sportiest. I’m the fasest in every race thanks to my high potassium content and alo have the most accurate aim in fruit throwing thanks to my crazy amount of Vitamin A! I’m also told to be the sweetest of

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Easy Kids Craft Using Felt

Tommy Tomato helps us so in many cheeky recipes when we’re cooking in the kitchen, but when it comes to crafts he’s always the left one out!  Today we wanted to change that, so the Googly friends all thought of this super easy kids craft using felt that would be perfect to include Tommy.  What makes this

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