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Life at Googly Fruit is all about having fun

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Life at Googly Fruit is all about having fun and encouraging the little ones to become the biggest fruit and veg fans! How? With a whole world full of fruity jokes, fun and games. Come and play!

Delicious organic snacks

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Our Googly Fruit snacks are made from 100% organic fruit and veg. We don't like nonsense so you won't find any additives in our products. Learn more about our mission here.

Googly Fruit Snacks are convenient


Our children’s snacks are ideal for taking out and about and are a great alternative to sweets and fried snacks. Keep in touch about our new products.



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Fruity Kids Craft with Bubble Wrap!

Penny Pear heard about Alfie’s apple stamping last month and told us she wanted to paint too! Well, what can we say? We knew the PERFECT art activity for her – one that especially shows off her tiny freckles!   We’re going to create cheeky cool bubble wrap pattern pears for Penny using green paint.

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Easy Halloween Craft – Googly Eyed Pumpkin!

Stuck for a last minute Halloween decoration idea?  Our Googly Eyed Pumpkin starring Pippa is simple, fun and especially good for a no-mess arts and craft!   WHAT YOU’LL NEED   As many pumpkins as you wish to decorate An assortment of stick-on googly eyes     WHAT TO DO:   Open your packet of

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Pippa Pumpkin Home Made Soup!

Autumn can only mean one thing for food lovers – SOUP! And LOTS of it. Pippa Pumpkin and Carl Carot are huge fans of fresh soup recipes, so when they had the chance to join us on this one, they immediately jumped in. Cosmo Coconut wasn’t too far behind them either! After managing to get

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