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Life at Googly Fruit is all about having fun

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Life at Googly Fruit is all about having fun and encouraging the little ones to become the biggest fruit and veg fans! How? With a whole world full of fruity jokes, fun and games. Come and play!

Delicious organic snacks

Pure Organic

Our Googly Fruit snacks are made from 100% organic fruit and veg. We don't like nonsense so you won't find any additives in our products. Learn more about our mission here.

Googly Fruit Snacks are convenient


Our children’s snacks are ideal for taking out and about and are a great alternative to sweets and fried snacks. Keep in touch about our new products.



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Rory Raspberry

Hi there! I’m Rory Raspberry

Hi there! I’m Rory Raspberry Would you like to learn a few facts about me? I grow on a woody bush which belongs to the rose family. That’s why my plant is covered in thorns. We raspberries originated in Turkey but today we are grown all over the world, including the UK. I look a

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Upcycling – Make a Googly Fruit Finger Puppet

  What better way to keep yourself busy than to do some cheeky Googly Fruit upcycling by making this cute Snail finger puppet?   Here’s what you’ll need:   1 colourful pipe cleaner 1 cap from a Googly Fruit Squeezy Pouch of your choice A pair of Googly Eyes (available on Amazon) Some liquid glue

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Tommy Tomato

Hi there! I’m Tommy Tomato

Hi there! My name’s Tommy Tomato I bet you’re thinking I’m a vegetable, right? Well, not many people realise this but I’m actually a fruit! That’s because I contain seeds just like my other fruity friends such as Alfie Apple, Olivia Orange and Penny Pear. Even so, you wouldn’t put me in a fruit salad,

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